Setting up a Classified Ads or Directory Website with WordPress

Posted on: June 11, 2022 by Editorial Staff - Page Views: 744

When looking for setting up a classified ads or a directory website, you have a few choices, through which one is WordPress. We will detail the options you have later in this article. We have chosen WordPress as the main centre point of our article, because is free open source cms. Given the fact that wordpress powers over 34% of the websites in the entire world, we think is the best option for this.

After showing you how to launch a similar site to bark, we are going to show you how to create a classified ads website.

What is a classified ads or directory website ?

A classified ads website or a directory website, is an online website, that lets people post their stuff for sale basically. Its kinda like a craigslist type of website, or like kijiji. I will detail below the small steps a user will take to post and show their product on the website.

What can I use to build a classified ads website ?

When building your classified ads website, you have two options: either something pre built already, or something done custom and from scratch. We will focus on the cheaper variant, the one where you get something premade. We choose wordpress as a base because its very easy to use, its cheaper and its very popular. And for the main piece of software to launch your classified ads website we are going to use a classified ads theme. The theme we propose to use, is the sitemile classified ads theme. This theme is full of features, modern, elegant and the team’s support is simply great. See below a list of the main features of this theme:

wordpress classified theme

How much does it cost ?

The cost is variable and starts from 148 USD and can get even to a few thousands, where you get the package that includes the iOS and Android apps. More information about the pricing can be found here. Our sitemile friends, do native apps, and can hook you up with an app as well. For that check their entrepreneur version.

If you need a wordpress development company, you can check our friends. Because they have a great experience developing and setting up wordpress websites for over 12 years.