How to launch a site like using WordPress

Posted on: June 2, 2022 by Editorial Staff - Page Views: 1507

Hello guys, in this article we will discuss how can you launch a site like using wordpress cms system, which has become very popular in the past years. We are going to try to do this using one theme, and not too many plugins so we keep the complexity down, and also make sure the speed of the website isnt affected too much. As you know using too many plugins in wordpress, makes the website slower and slower, so its desired to use as less plugins as you can.

bark wordpress theme

You might wonder what possible theme you could use to have such a specific and niched site like . We will show you a theme that only using it will give you all functionality, which is basically an all in one package. I think with the proper wordpress developer aside you will create a great MVP for your new business. Also similar websites could be created like and others like that. We know customers of this theme in particular that have used it to create a builders marketplace, or a contractor/carpenter marketplace type of website. Very much like a reverse recruiting process, where the companies apply for the candidates.

The name of the theme is Project Freelancer Theme and is created by In it you will find all the main features needed for a website of this kind, from themed user dashboards to posting request, and posting offers, but more about that in just a bit.

sitemile project theme

What is bark or sites like that ?

This type of website is a special designed site, that is called lead generating funnel type of site. That means that the customers will post a request they need (usually a chore they want to delegate) and the service providers or doers will post a proposal to that job/task. They can also buy that lead, meaning they pay a fee to receive the customer contact details then make them a proposal directly. That way the site gets monetised through charging those fees. If you choose the contractors to post proposals, engaging into a bidding war, then the customer will need to choose the quote they want for the job (either can be smallest price or just the best contractor for the job based on their reviews).

Read more about what is and see how it works.

What is WordPress CMS ?

WordPress is a php open source based cms system for websites. It requires a webserver (usually apache or nginx) and a database server (usually Mysql) and can run in almost all types of servers (linux, windows) as is very low demanding in resources. In the past 10 years wordpress cms system has grown a lot, powering now over 35% of the websites in the entire world. Its very SEO focused, and its very easy to manage it. At start it was a blogging platform, but the various ideas transformed it into almost anything with the help of a good theme or plugin. That way through specialised niched themes, like the project theme we can make this as a bark or mybuilder type of website.

Want to hire us ?

If you need customisation on your wordpress website, we are experts , working with wordpress and custom themes and plugins for more than 10 years. Do not hesitate to contact us. And also you can find more information about how to launch a clone in the sitemile website. They have the expertise and everything needed and even creating a mobile app for the company and one for the service provider.

Another way to launch a service marketplace would be how to launch a website like and you can find even more information in this article. So you can contact the developers and ask them for a price quote. But usually creating a clone like this would cost around $3500 – $4500 and not including the mobile apps. That could raise the costs with a few more thousands.