How to get free WordPress Themes

Posted on: June 11, 2022 by Editorial Staff - Page Views: 676

free wordpress themes

Hello to everybody! In this small article we will try to explain how to get free wordpress themes and the places from where to download them. If you are here you are probably familiar with wordpress already, and you know its a cms system that comes free as an open source php framework.

Most people search for very cheap when it comes to wordpress, and why not, free wordpress themes. The main element you will use with wordpress, are themes and plugins. Everyone wants a free wordpress theme or a free wordpress plugin that has various functionalities. Some come with dedicated and niched features, like: ecommerce, woocommerce, auction, reverse auction, freelancer type.

Other wordpress themes are more general like: magazine themes, agency themes, portfolio themes. You will need to pick a theme type that you need a go to the search query with that one. Getting free wordpress themes and have some quality is also super important.

1. Search on google

Searching on google for your free quality wordpress themes is the best bet you can do. You will find lots of websites that offer free or freebie wordpress themes. You will have to search also for the open source ones, so you can modify their code. Most of these themes will require you to setup some sort of plugin. In order to manage the content of these themes and pages, you will need to use a page builder plugin. Through the page builder plugins you can use, we can detail: elementor, divi, beaver builder and others.

2. Search in wordpress

You can search in the wordpress repository for this. All the themes there are free and they are pretty good quality. You can either go to the wordpress website itself, or can go to your wordpress admin area, and go under Appearance -> Themes , and then “Add New”. All the themes there are totally free, and some will require plugins to function correctly.

3. Other theme vendors

We know that are vendors that do a free version of their theme to entice you to buy the pro version, and you can try with them too. There are many that sell on themeforest, but thats where the theme cost some money (usually from 40-100$) so you should check their free versions if available.