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How do I create a website for classified ads?

Usually a website for classified ads can be done with a ready made classified php script or even a wordpress theme. And in fact to create a website like craigslist, or kijiji, its better to use a classified wordpress theme, because that theme can be very easy to use. And with 100$ you can buy […]

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Best Wordpress Classifieds Theme to launch a craigslist type of site.

Hey guys, when you want to create a craigslist clone type of site you have many possibilities. From classifieds php scripts to classified templates and other solutions. But by far the best and most easy to use solution is the wordpress classified theme for wordpress. There are many companies out there that sell a classified […]

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Launch a freelance directory website like upwork or fiverr

You are probably wondering how to launch a freelance directory website like upwork or fiverr, and what will make to create a site where freelancers can offer their services. This freelance directory or marketplace concept is very popular among the internet people. And helps buyers and sellers reunite on the same platform. These freelancing platforms […]

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What is the best wordpress theme to launch a classified website?

We are trying to find what is the best wordpress theme to launch your classified ads website. We have discussed the creation process of a classified website through wordpress in another article too. But now we are trying to explain more in detail what things are most important and what is the best theme to […]

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Setting up a Classified Ads or Directory Website with WordPress

When looking for setting up a classified ads or a directory website, you have a few choices, through which one is WordPress. We will detail the options you have later in this article. We have chosen WordPress as the main centre point of our article, because is free open source cms. Given the fact that […]

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How to use a free wordpress theme for your portfolio website

When building your portfolio website you need something elegant and modern in order to impress your customers. Thats why you will need a great website. The easiest and cheapest (possibly free) way to start a website, is by using wordpress cms system. WordPress is a great piece of software which powers over 35% of the […]

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How to get free Wordpress Themes

Hello to everybody! In this small article we will try to explain how to get free wordpress themes and the places from where to download them. If you are here you are probably familiar with wordpress already, and you know its a cms system that comes free as an open source php framework. Most people […]

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How to create a classified ads website in WordPress

We all know what a classified ads is, and we all know and have heard about craigslist, correct ? Yea, almost everybody has heard of it, but as the years have passed, more and more similar types of websites have appeared. In this article we will see how to create a classified ads website in […]

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How to check if the current user is Administrator in WordPress

In this article we will show you how to check if the current user is the administrator in WordPress. This will be very useful to check if the current user can execute certain things, like editing a page or something of that kind. How to check if the current user is administrator In order to […]

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How to launch a site like using WordPress

Hello guys, in this article we will discuss how can you launch a site like using wordpress cms system, which has become very popular in the past years. We are going to try to do this using one theme, and not too many plugins so we keep the complexity down, and also make sure […]

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